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Easy tips to reduce waste at the jobsite

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Here are a couple simple tips to make sure you reduce waste at a job site and save the customer money.

When you meet with your potential client, take exact measurements needed to produce an accurate estimate. Of course most contractors will add anywhere from 15%-20% on top of their bid, this covers waste and other things depending on each individual contractor. An accurate measurement of the project will help to get material needed as close as possible to desired size and prevent cutting two feet out of a twelve foot 2x6 and the rest being waste. When you do this you are not only preventing waste but you are also producing a happy customer.

You can also prep your vehicles, tool boxes and trailers with some contractor trash bags. While at the job, make sure you and/or your crew members take a few moments each day to clean up. Most companies, (mine included) find a stopping point 30 minutes before the end of our work day. We use the remaining 30 minutes to clean up around the site and make sure all of our disposables have made it to the trash. This also will produce a happy customer and create a good habit for the crew to get into.

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