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Questions and Answers

Let Us Answer Your Questions


Do you have any finance options available?

Actually, we do have finance options available. After we have our initial meeting to look at your project, we will take some time to put together a detailed estimate for you. Once we send that email to you for you to overlook the cost, there is an option to go through our finance company. Follow their quick easy steps and we can get started on your project once everything is complete on that end.

Do you build temporary gazebos for special events?

This is a great question! In short, yes we can build temporary Pergolas and Gazebos we just don't get that request often enough. With that being said, it's not out of the question and we can certainly provide this service for you.

Do I get to choose which team members work on my project?

At this moment we have select few team members working at DW Construciton so that's not a huge option we offer. All of my team members are hired on as professionals with professional attitudes and strong work ethic. However, if there were to be any issues you can comfortably speak with me about them. If anything, I will personally take that team members spot for the duration of the project unless I have another team member available.

Can you build custom shelves and cabinets for my house?

Most definitely! All we will need is to sit down and discuss what type of material your are wanting and the design/style you desire. Once we have that information we can then put together an estimate for you and hopefully get you going on your project.

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